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my weight loss/gain story

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not a good day...
posted @ 9:04pm ET on September 28, 2010 I don't know.. I've just been feeling tired all day and I had this horrible pain on my side... So I came home after work, did not go to the gym and ...
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My story
posted @ 11:16pm ET on September 25, 2010 I think it started when I was in middle school. I was in an all girl's school and I had two best friends who were tall, skinny and beautiful. I was ...
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Top 10
posted @ 10:28pm ET on September 25, 2010 As I said I would take the time to write this weekend here I am trying to come up with a top 10 list... we'll se how it goes.. i'm just going to ...
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pretty good day...
posted @ 11:46pm ET on September 24, 2010 Just wanted to come on and say that today has been a good day. I kept with the food plan and even went to the gym after work although I was very ...
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100 squats!!
posted @ 10:51pm ET on September 23, 2010 So... I followed Patty's idea and through the day I did 100 squats!! wow!! never thought that could be done, I actually felt excited to sort of hide ...
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learning new things every day...
posted @ 11:18pm ET on September 21, 2010 So I'm at home after a nice 2hr workout at the gym. It has been a good day for healthy choices and I have been most of the day in a good mood. My ...
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Displaying posts 43-48 of 55 results

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