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Leslie Gonzales a.k.a. MissusSmartyPants, helps women dress their best for their body type! This fashionista without the venom owns and operates the website, and she hosts a weekly blog talk radio show, Fashion Rescue.

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Leslie's Fashion Notes & Stuff
by Leslie Gonzales, Fun Fashion Expert

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Displaying posts 1-4 of 3 results from September 2008

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Weekend Extra: Your Time For Style?
posted @ 4:00pm ET on September 26, 2008 If youíve put off your style and youíre not sure how to find it again, donít worry... I know that together we can recreate your sense of style! I ...
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I love sharing!
posted @ 3:57pm ET on September 15, 2008 I'm always asked questions that seem to have a simple answer--at least to me it seems that way. What I think is a simple solution to a fashion ...
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Just another day...
posted @ 5:06pm ET on September 7, 2008 Just another day getting ready to share my style stuff with y'all! Yes, I've told myself if I get my writing and my other tasks finished...I can ...
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Displaying posts 1-4 of 3 results

  Page: 1  

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