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Sarah Dussault, a name you may recognize as Senior Video Producer here at, brings the Diet Diva character to life with her sometimes biting, sometimes funny, always interesting takes on life and our passion for celebrities and their weight loss methods. The Diet Diva never shies away from a fight, but is always fair with her commentary.

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Celebrities and Diet
by Sarah Dussault, Celebrities & Weight Loss blogger

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YouTube is brutally honest or just brutal?
posted @ 10:48am ET on April 20, 2007 When you are up on a pedestal everybody wants to knock you down. If you are the good girl, they are trying to make you bad. If you are skinny, you ...
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Celebrity Diet and Exercise Secrets for Summer
posted @ 12:00am ET on April 18, 2007 Now, that we know Courtney Love didnít get a gastric band, she is revealing to People magazine just how she lost 52 pounds since December 2006. Last ...
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Celebrities ready to embrace "The New Good Body"?
posted @ 12:03am ET on April 16, 2007 There is a great article in the May issue of Glamour magazine on loving your own body as is. The U.S. has become a nation of polar opposites. On ...
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3 Celebrities, 3 Different Lifestyles
posted @ 11:08am ET on April 13, 2007 Will Ugly Betty become model skinny? Did Courtney Love get gastric bypass surgery? Is Gwen Stefani ever not dieting? The answer to all these ...
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Displaying posts 5-8 of 14 results

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