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Sarah Dussault, a name you may recognize as Senior Video Producer here at, brings the Diet Diva character to life with her sometimes biting, sometimes funny, always interesting takes on life and our passion for celebrities and their weight loss methods. The Diet Diva never shies away from a fight, but is always fair with her commentary.

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Celebrities and Diet
by Sarah Dussault, Celebrities & Weight Loss blogger

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Displaying posts 9-12 of 13 results from February 2007

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Revenge Diets, Mandy Moore and Newsweek
posted @ 10:09am ET on February 8, 2007 There is just way too much going on to not blog about everything… First up, this week’s cover of US magazine: “Revenge Diets.” I love it! Reese ...
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Fashion Week in NYC
posted @ 9:41am ET on February 8, 2007 It’s fashion week down in New York City. The Council of Fashion Designers of America issued guidelines for a healthier industry in January but were ...
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Tyra Tyrade Continues
posted @ 5:16pm ET on February 6, 2007 Well, the best way to put this story to rest would be to ignore it but I'm not going to just yet. Just yesterday, Feb 5th, radio shock jocks Opie ...
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LA helps celeb bodies
posted @ 12:52pm ET on February 5, 2007 It seemed ironic yesterday that I was shopping on Melrose in Los Angeles and the song “Boston” by Augustana came on. Yes, that would be me in just 6 ...
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Displaying posts 9-12 of 13 results

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