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Ajay Rochester hosted the Biggest Loser Australia for four years. She is a best selling author of 5 books on health, wellness and healing your life. More noticably it is her own incredible transformation, having lost (and kept off) nearly 200 pounds, that makes her an expert on personal transformation. Read her journey at

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Ajay Rochester has Been There Done Fat
by Ajay Rochester, Transformation Expert on Health, Wellness, Weight Loss & Healing Your Life

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Displaying posts 1-4 of 5 results from February 2011

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Shape Up!
posted @ 6:42pm ET on February 25, 2011 Okay, so pottering around LA, slowly but surely finding my way, staying true to my heart and my path and trusting that everything will happen at the ...
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Finding Your Angel Within
posted @ 6:00am ET on February 14, 2011 Michelangelo was asked how he managed to carve such exquisite statues from a simple square of marble. He said I saw the angel within and simply ...
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Everything Must Go
posted @ 11:00am ET on February 9, 2011 Feeling inspired? Just watched Rocky for the one hundredth time and feel like you, too, can conquer the world? Can you hear the music? Can you see ...
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Keep Your Hands Busy and Your Heart Full
posted @ 9:00am ET on February 8, 2011 Ever found you eat more food whilst sitting and watching something than you do any other time in your life? Why is it when we go to the football ...
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Displaying posts 1-4 of 5 results

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