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today was great. i woke up early to the sound of birds chirping. i walked down to the lake and ran around it. well, not all the way around, but like a mile of it. then i walked home to cool down and had some sorbet. don't you love sorbet?

@ 12:00pm ET on August 16, 2006 nice!!
@ 3:38pm ET on August 21, 2006 I love sorbet! Especially strawberry!
@ 4:36pm ET on August 22, 2006 So tell me how you can put words in bold print and such?? are you an admin?
@ 11:11am ET on September 20, 2006 I agree with Karen1123, I noticed even in the boards people put words in BOLD, in Italics... Why can't I? I have even tried copying and pasting from WORD, and it still doesn't work :(
@ 12:27pm ET on September 12, 2013 Mmm, sorbet is such a great summer treat!
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