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I've been doing a huge amount of research on the benefits and not so happy details of the differences between fresh and processed foods. Fresh as in cooked at home.. from the garden, uncooked vegetables.. kinda like how people would have eaten during pilgrim days.. before factories and chemicals.. yah know.. natural. I'm a huge lover of making breads at home. I can even make gluten free breads. I've got this gift for making them.. And it feels so good knowing whats in it.. For the past 3 days I ate nothing but fresh fruits. It was a really great experience. I realized how much my body craves protien. And how I don't crave sweets or snacks at all. It knows what it needs. I don't know why this surprised me.

Anyways.. I'm just wondering how many people out there eat fresh.. and even going that extra mile and going organic. I gave up fake sugars a while ago and I've been checking my cabinet for what sorts of chemicals are added into foods. I'm already planning on being that Mom who makes her own baby food. But I might have to pay someone to grow a garden for me.. sadly I don't have a green thumb.

@ 3:40pm ET on February 9, 2012

If one does research on organic food items, you'll find that NOT all of food items are 100% "pure organic". For example, the farmer may not use pesticide spray (which is very good thing). But, the farmer used the same ground they used for the last 50 years. The same ground they injected fertilizers for the last 48 years. And, the same ground mother nature applied natural acid rain every year for the last 10 years. Or, that farmer's field is located under an airport (that has much more soil pollutions compared to remote country farms). Thus, that "organic" food item (like a carrot) may NOT have any pesticide on its top part but it does have chemicals on its roots area (from polluted soil). Same with Apples. Even organic apples have acid rain residue or natural chemical residue on its outer skin. Thus, its always best to peel an apple or peel the carrot before eating it. Salmon is another area. Its true that farm grown salmon may have less natural chemicals like mercury & PBC. But, they have chemical residue from the farmer's artificial food (when compared to the natural food items the same fish may eat within the wild). And, some farmers still use `small amounts` of growth hormones in their fish food (to make more yearly profits).

One cannot eliminate 100% process foods in one's diet. Its impossible. Even yellow bananas at the grocery store are often picked green and made yellow by exposing them to gas. Seriously. In the north / North America regions, one's grocery store bananas are "processed" (as in man altered) as well. Another example is honey. In its natural cloudy form, honey from a bee keeper is actually good for the body. 1 x teaspoon every day and it helps fight cancer and helps respiratory / breathing system as well. But, the store bought honey is pasteurized and its often diluted with less costly corn syrup - to make its jar look clear and taste more sweet. Store bought honey is very bad on the body. Always remember that bee keeper honey (in its cloudy form) is much better than store bought. Another man-altered food item example is peanut butter. A hand full of unsalted mixed nuts is much better on the body compared to a spoonful of peanut butter. Read the jar of peanut butter. It has injected sugar, injected salt, injected shelf life extension chemicals, injected fillers. From a nutritional value, a handful of unsalted mixed nuts is much better. And, natural unsalted mixed nuts has less chemical toxins as well.

Many organic food items have traces of natural and man-made chemicals (toxins) as well. However, Organic food items often they have much less chemical residue - compared to visible process food items. The second the item is cut, packaged, injected with shelf life extension chemicals, breaded, wrapped in plastic, etc. etc, that exact same food items obtains huge amount of toxins.

Always remember that Whole / Real foods (foods in their natural RAW form) are much better than process (man made / man altered food items). If one can cut 80% of process items from one's diet, one's body will be 80% better in the long run. Organic label or not, the closer to nature the food item is, the better.

Another secret… Read the ingredient labels on the sides of food packages. If one cannot say the food item or if it says, Enhanced with "artificial flavours", run away from it. Seriously... That's how bad it is within your body…

For me, I target 80% "clean" Real RAW food items. To me, this goal is possible. Pushing the body in 100% pure organic food items is impossible (especially during our current technology times).

Hope this helps in your research…


@ 4:44pm ET on February 11, 2012
I am a fruit and vegetable LOVER! I will almost always choose the fresh option when out to dinner. Well as fresh as I can get anyways. (ex. choose the steamed veggies as my side over fries, etc.) When I am grocery shopping I always go for the labels that have ALL NATURAL on them. I do choose organic foods at times as well. I think eating fresh does the body wonders!

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