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Is it week 6 already?? WOW. How do I keep myself motivated to workout. This has been a big struggle of mine. It has always been hard to get myself motivated to get up and active. Not that I mind the exercise as much as I mind being bored. And when I am bored the exercise seems a lot worse. So the question was how do I get myself motivated to do it. I guess the first thing was to get the right mindset. I had to understand that I am exercising to make my heart healthy so I can do the things I want to do. I find that focusing more on the getting healthy and less on the "looking a certain way" helps a lot. I do want to loose weight and look good, but that takes time. So if I change my focus to helping my body be healthy it helps. When I am working out and my heart gets pumping I can think about how good it is for my heart and that I am making myself a healthier me. BUT just that isn't enough to keep me motivated. Sadly I'm a tough cookie when it comes motivation. :) So the next step was to find something fun to do for exercise. I've found a few work out dvd's that I like doing that keep me interested. I really like Richard Simmons. He cracks me up and keeps things fun. And I still get a good work out. Another thing I have done is pull out my dress that I really want to look good in and hang up in my room where I can see it for motivation. Then when I am working out and getting tired I just keep reminding myself I want to look good in that dress! Another very important thing I have done for motivation is getting some diet buddies. I have a close friend who is going through the same things so I can talk to her and we keep each other motivated. I also have a super great diet buddy on here. We keep in touch and make sure we are both working towards our goals and give support when we get worn out with it all. I also find it motivating to read other people's blogs/board postings who are going through the same things. I also get great tips! I also like to switch up which workout dvd's I do to keep myself interested. Motivation is hard. But I am working hard to stay motivated and keep up with my exercise.

@ 11:18am ET on August 2, 2007
Great job staying motivated... good tips too!

And you're sooooo right, getting bored is my biggest obstacle too!!! Kudos to you for finding what works.

@ 9:00pm ET on August 4, 2007
I'm so glad to hear you are working on your heart!! A healthy heart is a good heart!! I'm also glad you have good buddies to support you. Bobbie, you are such an awesome friend..I'm so glad I met you. I'm so proud of your progress and your upbeat attitude!!! YOU GO GIRL!!! your family is so lucky to have you..I am too :)

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