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Week 3-- I miss my kickboxing a lot. There is something about kicking a punching bag that makes me feel so much better. I recommend it for anyone that needs to let out their frustrations. I also noticed that a nice front kick works the lower abs & legs---a side kick works the hips and thighs.

I think I am going to add front kicks and side kicks to my work out. This week I walked & did upper body weight lifting. I miss lifting weights---It has been forever. Today, I am going to concentrate on my lower body and do some weight lifting.

It's nice really focusing on myself FOR ONCE in a HEALTHY WAY. I have to admit this week--- I started this cleanse where all I did was drink shakes....and it was great cause I didnt have to plan my meals but I felt like it was really not for me....I love FOOD...more than drinks....Carbs r my addiction. I can't live on chicken and veggies....Its just not me....I am trying to really figure out==== what healthy diet can I do?

@ 1:25pm ET on October 25, 2012
It's so cool that you do kickboxing! Have you used the exercise demos on Diet.com for different exercise ideas to add to your workout? I use the resources here all the time to plan my workouts!

Diet-wise, carbs can become kind of addictive so the more you eat them, the more you crave them. I find that when I cut back on a problem-food (for me, it was ice cream), I start to crave it WAY less - and eventually, don't crave it at all. Use lots of different spices and herbs to make your "chicken and veggies" super flavorful, and check out our Diet.com recipes to think outside the box and avoid meal boredom!

@ 8:34pm ET on November 3, 2012
Thanks! I love icecream as well---I will take your advice and use other spices. :) I def need to check out the exercise workouts!

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