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At a meeting I attend monthly one of the ladies there pulled me aside and asked if I was losing weight!! WOOHOO. Talk about motivation to keep going. I haven't really noticed a visible change and my weight hasn't seemed to go down a lot but I guess I"m toning. I feel so good. I have been exercising this week and watching what I eat and I feel good all over. And to know that someone else can see some of the changes feels great. I have a long way to go but I am already noticing changes in my attitude and health. I'm still counting the calories I'm taking in. I was right about 1200 again yesterday. I think that's about where I should be for healthy weight loss. I'm not stepping on the scale until my weigh in on Monday. I get myself all flustered with the little ups and downs it's just better of me to only do it once a week. And it is more then just the numbers to me. I want a healthy heart and body.
This weekend we are heading out of town. This will be a test of my willpower. I am soo bad about feeling like if I'm paying for a meal I'm gonna get what I want. But that's a goal for another week :P hehe I hope everyone one has a wonderful and successful weekend!!

@ 1:26pm ET on July 13, 2007 Have a great time on your trip! I'm so proud of you and for you. I know I love it when people notice without me talking about my diet! It's so validating. YAY for you!
@ 7:15am ET on July 14, 2007 It feels SO good when people notice our efforts I am glad you got that! Enjoy your weekend and I am sure you will do fine.
@ 12:00pm ET on July 14, 2007 I am using designed-by-nature.com Ultimate Body Pro It works great
@ 5:22pm ET on July 15, 2007 That is so awesome - I'm really proud of you! You're doing great and making wonderful progress, and it does show! That's exciting!
@ 8:33am ET on July 16, 2007 You are doing great, and it is such an ego boost when someone notices your hard work. Keep up the good work!
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