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Hey everyone! It's been a while since I last posted but I've mostly stayed on track except for these 2 days but I'm back on track now and lost some weight! Okay so I have a question for you guys, so right now I really like this one guy and we're getting pretty close and might be going to a concert this weekend even and recently whenever I want to quit during my workout I've been using him as a way to encourage myself to go longer but I'm not sure if its a good thing though to be doing this, has anyone else been in a situation similar to this? I'm just a little worried if something goes wrong I'm gonna spiral out of control and lose all my progress. I hope some of you guys reading this can give me advice on the situation. Thanks for reading. (:

@ 3:30pm ET on August 3, 2012

As a suggestion, don't use others to motivate you. Seriously.... Stop using the reason that "my guy" wants me skinny, my sister wants me skinny, my mom wants me skinny, etc. etc. One keeps their inner and outer body in good condition for themselves. Seriously... I keep my inner body "fit" for me. For my better health, for my better fitness numbers and because it makes me feel "good" about myself. I feel great after exercising (like swimming across the lake or jogging 30 minutes on the TreadMill). I don't do these things for my wife, my kids or my brother/sister or even my friends. I "keep fit" for me and only me. This is what keeps me motivated - in doing better lifestyle choices.

As a suggestion, pick better lifestyle choices for you. And, only you. Just like you brush you teeth every day for you. And, you breath clean air for you. Motivation to select "clean" or better lifestyle choices is within you. It doesn't matter about others (what they like or don't like).

Hope this helps...

@ 11:04am ET on August 7, 2012
I think you've already identified why using someone else as motivation can backfire - as soon as that person is gone, your plan is kaput! My motivation for working out is to make myself feel great. I always feel great when I leave my workout, even if I'm drenched in sweat and can barely lift my arms. And I always feel great checking out my awesome muscles after the gym as well!! Yes, I'm serious! I check out my awesome muscles ALL the time after I workout - and I make my boyfriend check them out too! Hehe!

My point is, you have to find the REAL thing that makes you want to go to the gym. Your inner reasons for wanting to be healthy or look great.

@ 11:58am ET on August 7, 2012
Definitely agree with everyone about the using other people as motivation thing. I've done this before, and we broke up, and I stopped even wanting to work out at all. I also like to check myself out in the mirror. It helps me visualize where I want to be :) Also, congrats on losing a few pounds! Sounds like you're doing well :)

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