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Let ' working out' never get boring

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Hi guys,

I used to go to the gym in my College for 2 years.But I got really bored of going to the same place.So,last week I decided to get a gym membership at Good life Fitness- a huge gym that has branches all over Toronto and Canada.I am so excited to try out all their equipment.The good thing is that they have a separate work out room for only women.And,there are also different classes.There is yoga( that I really want to try out),zumba,weight training classes etc.

The only thing is its not as close to my place as the gym that I used to attend previously.Specially in winter, I will have to have a lot of will power to travel there.

But oh well,looking fit requires effort:)

@ 10:45am ET on September 10, 2012 Looking fit definitely requires effort! Otherwise we'd all be walking around with six packs ;)

I'm about to move to Canada next month (Vancouver), so I'll check to see if there are any of those gyms near me!
@ 7:42am ET on October 22, 2012 Oh its nice that you are moving to Vancouver.Beautiful city:)I am sure they have same gyms there like Toronto:)Considering you posted this comment a month ago,have you already moved?
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