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time for a change

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I've been steadily losing weight but I hit a little road block at 185 I keep staying here or dropping down to 184 then just staying in between, I started do the Julian Michael's 30 day shred and was about 9 days into it and missed a day and now its been 3 days since I've done it, I need the motivation to do it again but even without it im still active which is good, but I need to start it up again because I feel a lot better about myself when I'm doing big workouts like that ...I started up on here again hoping to gain my motivation back

@ 1:59pm ET on July 31, 2012 Several on here really like the 30-day shred. I can see why you feel good when you're doing it. Here's to getting your motivation!
@ 5:06pm ET on August 1, 2012 Like Amber said ^^, lots of people on Diet.com have been blogging about doing the 30 Day Shred lately, so you're all kind of doing it together :) Think about it that way - like you have a team of people doing it with you! You can get right back into it! Good luck!
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