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my weight loss/gain story

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So, I'm back to being 112!!!
I hate myself for it! I've gain 4 lbs in a month... a month of a LOT of eating and now I feel like I can't get back to the 108 I was soo happy with.. I feel like i've lost this battle again and that I rather just eat and eat and eat and forget about it all.
I can't belive that I feel like this.
But I want to do it again. I know that I can. I know that it doesn't really take me that much.
I can't belive I missed the challenge but I guess I can make my own challenge with myself to eat right and lose the weight slowly but surely.
It's never too late to start again and get back to healthy eating and exercise.
I will be on here again soon since I feel like I need all the support I can get.
Wish me luck!

@ 3:20pm ET on May 15, 2012 Hiya
You may not like this but I dont think you need to lose anything at all looking at your pic and your height and weight.
Take care.
@ 9:37pm ET on May 15, 2012 Yeah! I know.. but I like myself so much better with a little bit more off.. but it's hard to keep off.. I don't know..
@ 10:24pm ET on May 15, 2012 Missed you! I know how it is to have a "magic" number, now I put more emphasis on how I'm feeling. I'm sure you'll lose those few pounds quickly. Let us know how you're doing. =^.^=
@ 11:07am ET on May 16, 2012 You're definitely still within a healthy normal weight range for your height! Is it the # on the scale that's bothering you, or do you physically FEEL like you've been eating unhealthy? Arcticmom hit it on the nose! I suggest you put your scale away for a little while and concentrate more on eating well, remaining active and FEELING good!
@ 1:06pm ET on May 16, 2012 Thanks for your comments. Yeah. I've been terrible with food and I've done no exercise! It's no shock to me the change in the numbers. I will try to concentrate more on the good feelings and get back to my eating and exercise plan!
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