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Ajay Rochester hosted the Biggest Loser Australia for four years. She is a best selling author of 5 books on health, wellness and healing your life. More noticably it is her own incredible transformation, having lost (and kept off) nearly 200 pounds, that makes her an expert on personal transformation. Read her journey at www.findingmymojo.com.

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Ajay Rochester has Been There Done Fat
by Ajay Rochester, Transformation Expert on Health, Wellness, Weight Loss & Healing Your Life

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Broken Record Language

Don't you hate it when you finally decide to have a healthy week, and the first dinner party you go to the host serves their homemade creamy, full-of-fat whatever-it-is that they made "especially for you"?

You politely decline, explaining you are avoiding too much of that kind of food.


This is what happens next:

Host: You don't need to go on a diet. You look great. Go on, have a piece.

You: No thanks, I just want to have a healthy week.

Host: But this is all natural, I made it myself! One piece is not going to hurt you. Please.

You: Thank you but I can't. I'm really trying to stick to this diet.

Host: Yeah but look at me... I'm bigger than you and I'm having a piece - Plus, it's my birthday.

You: Yes but I had so much dinner. I really can't.

Host: There's always room for dessert... and I made it because you liked it so much last time.

You: Oh, well... okay, I will then. Thank you.

You eat it because you have been bullied into it. You made the right decision and then you let them talk you out of it.

Alan Pease is an expert on what is called Talk (and Body) Language. When you want someone to listen to you, he recommends using something called Broken Record Language. It works a treat.

You state your case simply and you do not give free information. You then repeat the same answer every time they try a different angle of negotiation.

For example:

Host: Have some dessert, I baked it especially for you.

You: It looks delicious, and I totally appreciate it, but I have had enough food. Thank you.

Host: Everyone else is having some, why aren't you?

You: It really does look delicious, and I totally appreciate it, but I have had enough. Thank you.

Host: What's wrong? Are you on a diet or something?

You: No, I appreciate it, truly, but I have had enough. Thank you so much.

Host: Oh okay, suit yourself. Anyone else?

I know it sounds a little silly. I do change the wording a little so I don't sound like a rude robot, but trust me, this works.

Excerpt from Ajay Rochester's latest book: The 5 Minute "Diet" book (this is NOT a diet book). Bite sized bits of inspiration to feed your soul and nurture your body.

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