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My Journey

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Yoga class is going very very well. Some poses are a little harder to hold than others... like the low lunge. I'm not very good with that one. But the class has made me a bit more aware of my posture, especially when I walk. I've noticed that when I walk my shoulders are usually a little hunched forward which causes my back to not be straight. But now when I walk I've been consciously correcting it. Even where my pelvis sits. It's been pretty interesting.

I haven't weighed myself lately... I've honestly been a little scared to since my level of activity has dropped some since I'm not going to the gym anymore. But hopefully when I get around to weighing myself I will be pleasantly surprised ha ha

Anyway, sorry to type and run, but just wanted to pop on here and post since I haven't been on here in a while.

Later days!

@ 10:47am ET on October 26, 2012 I love hearing about the different fitness classes that everyone here is taking! Thanks for sharing a bit about your yoga experience! It's so cool to know that you are learning things that improve your posture - there are so many things in our bodies are impacted by our posture!

Thanks for checking in and continued best luck with you yoga!
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