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My husband has a wieght loss challenge at work and I am feeling too fat again. I have really been trying to be good the last few weeks. It has been hard with my family's hectic schedules and a really busy job. However last night I did manage to go out for a run. I really do miss exercising, it is just a lot of work. When I come home after a 12-13 hour day I really just want to veg. I have been making more of an effort to get up and get more active. I just really beed to stay motivated and monitor the diet a bit better. Hopefully the weekend is nice to me.

@ 4:50pm ET on September 24, 2012
It can be tricky to fight the urge to just sit and relax after a long day's work. Getting to the gym is definitely is something that gets easier to do, the more you do it. The more often you go to the gym, the more it just becomes a part of your normal routine, and the less you'll find yourself talking yourself out of it. One thing I repeat to myself, when I feel like I don't want to work out, is "You never regret a workout." For me, it's totally true. I never regret going for a workout, I only regret NOT going!

And what's better is that you don't need to even necessarily leave your house to get a great workout. Here are a ton of Fitness Videos that require little or no equipment:

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