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Let ' working out' never get boring

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Hey guys,

Guess what:) I collected a flyer from a promoter for a one weeks free pass to one of the best gyms in Toronto while walking down the street.They took down my name for a lottery.2 days later I got a call back from 'Extreme Fitness" ( The gym),and a guy with a happy voice congratulated me on winning a free months pass to a gym.Today I went and was given an intro around the gym.The place looks great.There are plenty of classes like zumba and yoga as well.And what appealed to me the most was the fact that the pool isnt too deep so considering my fear of depth,I wont be challenged.

I have a gym membership at my College.But the gym in College does not have classes and like most of you would know,working out using the equipment gets boring.So I want to add some variety to the usual work out and do some zumba or kick boxing for a change.And yes,of course the swimming is the best additional bonus.

But,the Extreme Fitness membership is much more expensive.It would cost me around 50 bucks a month.And,I just started working.The guy tried so so badly to get me to sign the contract today.But I hesitated.Let me try the one month's free trial and then I would decide if the experience is really worth the money:)

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