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Diet Talk from the Doc
by Dr.Diet, Diet.com's Medical Director

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Products with live bacterial cultures are now among the top 5 foods that people want to add to their diet, say food trend tracking expert, the NPD Group. "Friendly bacteria," like the kind found in yogurt, play an important role in disease prevention as they ease digestion and boost the immune system.


To read the full article, click here:
Yogurt-rich Diet Proves Easy to Swallow, As Well as Digest

Dr. Diet weighs in:

The dietitians I work with say that Stonyfield Farm yogurt (the brand I eat each day for lunch) is one of the best kinds of yogurt because of its type of yogurt culture.

This article supports their claim, reporting that Stonyfield contains up to six kinds of bacterial cultures when other brands may only have two.

If you're thinking about adding low fat yogurt to your diet, look for a brand that says "Live & Active Cultures", says the National Yogurt Association. You may also want to buy yogurt when it goes on sale and check out places like Costco that sells the Stonyfield brand, among others.

I must say though I think the world is divided between those people who like yogurt and eat it regularly and those who never touch it.

Friends of mine have different reasons why they don't eat yogurt:

-- They find chewing more satisfying (you can add nuts to your yogurt for more chewiness)

-- It doesn't fill them up (you can add light cottage cheese and chopped fruit to make it a more substantial meal and have some whole grain crackers with some light cheese on the side)

-- They don't like the taste (there are so many different flavors and varieties, it probably is worth trying some different kinds to find ones you like)

Do you include yogurt in your diet? What brand do you reach for?

@ 10:31am ET on June 13, 2007 I'm of the 'if I didn't chew, I didn't eat' camp myself. There are many tasty flavors out there, but they just don't satisfy me. I end up adding so much fruit and nuts and bran and ... to try to bulk up yogurt so I feel like I actually ate something, that it is no longer a low cal alternative! I feel like I'm better off eating my 2 meals a day and several snacks...
@ 11:28am ET on June 13, 2007 As a vegan, I've always had trouble with the soy yogurts. They taste fine, but the color (at least in all the brands I've tried so far) is a purplish grey or a pinkish grey, but always grey -- and rather unappetizing looking. But I recently discovered soy yogurt smoothies that come in an opaque bottle. So now I can get the benefits and taste without having to look at what I'm drinking! ;-)
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