Melissa Wall is a Womens Ab Expert and founder of WomensAbWorkout.com. With over seven years of training and nutrition experience she has helped guide hundreds of women through the transformation process - taking themselves from flabby to sexy. Melissa's own weight loss journey has made her determined to help motivate other women to be successful and reach their goals both in and out of the gym.

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Flat Stomach Workout + Diet Blog

by Melissa Wall, Womens Ab Expert, Founder WomensAbWorkout.com
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One of the most important aspects of any flat stomach workout - that many women miss - is weight lifting.

Unfortunately, weight lifting for women comes with many negative connotations that have discouraged women from spending time in the weight room. Instead, many women spend their hours on the treadmill, wondering why they still haven't reached their flat stomach goals.

Weight lifting is an important tool that women need to use in order to effectively lose weight. There are many benefits to lifting weights, that have been hidden by the stereotypes and rumors caused by many less knowledgeable and lazy people in the world. This - plus a lack of knowledge by women - has caused many women to shy away from the weight room - a room filled with so many benefits!

What are the benefits?

First of all, when women lift weights they will not get bulky " it is near impossible. Why? Women do not have enough testosterone in their bodies to produce that large amount of muscle mass like men have. Without high levels of testosterone women will never be able to produce large, bulky, masculine looking muscles. Instead, weight lifting (heavy or light weights) helps to increase your metabolism, therefore burning larger amounts of fat and helping you get stronger. The more muscle mass you have on your body, the more fat you burn, even when you're not working out.

Second, weight lifting has been proven to help prevent injuries (instead of causing them, like many believe) and some diseases. Lifting weights increases bone density " decreasing the chances of osteoporosis as we get older. Since lifting weights helps to burn more fat, we then decrease our chances of heart disease and diabetes, while lowering our cholesterol. In regards to injury, when we strengthen our muscles, we also strengthen the connective tissue between our muscles " strengthening and preventing injury to our joints.

Unfortunately, regardless of all the benefits, many women don't lift weights because they are not sure what exercises they are supposed to do. This is a silly excuse. There are so many resources available to you to help you figure out what workout routine is most effective " look online, check out the various workout channels on YouTube, or if you prefer "live" help, hire a personal trainer at your gym to guide you through an effective workout. Diet.com has many resources to help you reach your fitness goals. Look under the Fitness tab in the top navigation.

Women need to add weight lifting to their daily workouts in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reach their flat stomach goals.

Melissa Wall is a Women's Ab Expert and founder of WomensAbWorkout.com

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