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So you did the right thing and purchased some delicious fruit at the grocery store a week ago. But maybe your eyes at the store were bigger than your stomach, and you went a little fruit-buying overboard - and now you've got surplus fruit in your kitchen that's on its way out... right on the verge of being too ripe to eat!
fruit smoothie
What do you do?!

Well you DON'T want to throw that fruit out - that's for sure! Not only is that a waste of food, it's a waste of money. Too many of us are wasting both - throwing away fruit that you could actually be re-purposing easily.

Re-purpose, you ask? That's right! You see - that's not just "fruit" we're talking about... It's the makings of a delicious, healthy, icy cold smoothie!

As soon as you notice that your fruit is becoming too soft, here's what you should do:

1. Wash that fruit.
2. Chop that fruit up into small pieces/chunks.
3. Put it into a freezer-safe container.
4. Pop it into the freezer.
5. Dig into your frozen fruit stash later on when you want to make a smoothie!

Check out my "frozen fruit stash":

frozen fruit

Chopping the fruit before you put it into the freezer is one of my top tips for pulling this off. It's really difficult to chop the fruit once it's frozen! Also, if you're going to do this with too-ripe bananas, I strongly recommend peeling those before you chop them/freeze them. From one smoothie-enthusiast to another - it's not easy to peel a frozen banana!!

Using frozen fruit in your smoothies means you don't have to add ice, which can leave smoothies a little more watery than I like. A typical smoothie for me includes:

- a handful of my random frozen fruit assortment
- a handful of baby spinach or kale (you won't taste this at all, but it adds such a nutrient punch!)
- just enough 100% real fruit juice to make the smoothie blender-friendly and mix everything together
- maybe a spoonful of peanut butter, depending on the fruit that's in the smoothie. PB goes better with bananas/strawberries than it does with peaches, for example.

I hope you guys find this tip helpful!! If you've got a freezer full of frozen fruit, share your pictures with us in your blog!

Check out tons of healthy smoothies recipes in our Diet.com Recipes, in our Beverages section.

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