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The Truth About Abs

by Mike Geary, Best-Selling Fitness Author
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I wanted to tackle a question that I received from one of my EZine subscribers. I've had similar questions from several people, so I thought this might be of interest to you. It has to do with pre-workout energy drinks, and morning workouts on an empty stomach.

Q: "Hi Mike. I was hoping you could give me some advice about my morning workouts. Because of my busy day, I find that the only time I can realistically squeeze my workouts in is in the mornings before work. My problem is that if I don't eat anything, I have no energy during my workout and I feel really weak and sluggish. On the other hand, if I eat even just a bowl of cereal or bagel, I end up getting cramps during my workout. Any suggestions you have, I would really appreciate. Thanks,
Brian F., Calgary, Canada"

A: First of all, if you're really serious about getting lean for good, I'd recommend ditching the bagels and cereal altogether unless they are truly high-fiber whole grain varieties (sprouted grain is actually the best option). Otherwise, they are just empty refined carbs that will only add blubber to the old belly!

Another topic that this brings up is whether doing your morning workout on an empty stomach is really a good idea or not. Some people swear by morning cardio on an empty stomach as a great way to burn fat, since you don't have any immediate carbohydrates in your system. From my experience though, and working with hundreds of people who have tried this, I haven't really seen good results with empty stomach morning workouts.

Personally, when I tried a month or so of morning empty stomach workouts, it resulted in a loss of lean muscle, which I believe ultimately lowered my metabolic rate, making it easier for my body to store body fat in the long run. Again, for me (and others I've talked to) morning empty stomach workouts backfired big time, although some people claim it has worked wonders for them. I guess you won't know if it works for you unless you try it.

Back to Brian's question about how working out in the morning on an empty stomach leaves him weak and sluggish, whereas eating some cereal or a bagel gives him cramps during his workout... here's my solution to the problem:

Try getting just a small amount of carbohydrates and protein in liquid form when you wake up. Shown below is my own little concoction... you can call it "Geary's Pre-Workout Energy Serum." This is 10x better than any ripoff energy supplements or any other ...    Continue

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