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Lady Diet

by Lady Diet, Princess of Podcasts
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This is Lady Diet - the fit, fun and fabulous host of Diet.com's weekly Diet & Fitness Podcast!

What’s the deal with all these weird workout trends lately? Unconventional exercises are popping up at gyms all over the country! Instead of using tennis shoes and a jump rope, some of these new workouts involve things like stilettos, video games, stripper poles and swords! How are people getting into shape with these items and why are they so popular? This week I take a look at four unusual exercises and determine whether they’re more than just fad-fitness!

Trade in your gym shoes and buy some pointy red stilettos to get in shape! When I discovered people were exercising with stilettos, my first thought was “wow, I can’t even stand in heels.” The whole secret behind stiletto classes is that the instability of the heels makes you work on your stability more by using your core muscles. Heel-strutters work the floor, dancing and stretching in stilettos to improve balance and work their legs. If you aren’t near a gym like Crunch where the class originated, you could always just buy a pair of heels and start dancing!

Speaking of dancing, Dance Dance Revolution (DDR according to people in-the-know) is taking the world by storm. It really is a revolution! Instead of sitting, staring at the TV and only working your thumb muscles with the controller, DDR gets your whole body moving. Kids and adults alike are having fun busting a move and trying to keep up with the game. DDR gets your heart pumping and provides the illusion that you’re not really working out, just having fun. And whether you want to admit it, it is fun.

You don’t have to go to a strip club to pole dance ...    Continue

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@ 9:24am ET on June 6, 2008
LOL...I can't even walk in stilettos....I couldn't even imagine working out in them!!

All I keep hearing about now is DDR. Hmmmm....may have to look into it :) I knwo my girls would love it too!!

Love how there is different ways to working out that makes it more fun!!!

@ 11:25am ET on June 6, 2008
I think the sword fighting sounds like fun!

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