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Diet.com is proud and excited to announce the members who have been selected as the winners of our 2013 New Year's Weight Loss Challenge!

The 6-week Weight Loss Challenge ran from January 7 - February 15 and ended up including participants from 6 continents! Challengers cumulatively dropped over 900 lbs during the course of the 6 weeks, to kick off 2013 on a fabulous note!

weight loss challenge map

It was so inspiring to follow along with those of you who were participating and sharing with the community. We got to hear throughout the Challenge how you were changing and improving your habits and tackling your mini-goals. We even got to hear how you were rewarding yourselves for meeting your goals! To each and every person who participated in the New Year's Challenge, met your goals and dropped pounds: We are so proud of you and can't wait to help you continue on your journey towards your best you!

Now for the moment you've been waiting for... announcing the winners! We had a Grand Prize package up for grabs, as well as prize packages for two runners up.

The Grand Prize Winner of the 2013 New Year's Weight Loss Challenge is.......

Mrs~B££ aka Brittany!!!! CONGRATULATIONS BRITTANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out Brittany's before and after pictures from the 6-week Challenge - she dropped 15 pounds!

Brittany weight loss before and after

Here's her inspiring testimonial, detailing how the Challenge helped her reach her goals and kick off her 2013 on the right foot:

"I took this 6 week challenge very serious. I have never been dedicated to losing weight as much as I have with this challenge. The dieters here are so supportive and they really want to see you succeed. During the 6 weeks I managed to drop 15 pounds and reach most of my mini goals. I'm so proud of myself for staying focused and NEVER GIVING UP... "Don't give up" is something I had to tell myself constantly, losing weight and eating healthy is not easy at all. You have to learn to find things you like and change up your routine. I am so grateful for this site, I didn't have any motivation to lose weight before joining Diet.com, but the challenge gave me the strength to start my journey and I've actually stayed on track the entire 6 weeks. I'm far from reaching my overall weight loss goal, but I know I will achieve it especially ...    Continue

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@ 8:37am ET on March 4, 2013
Thanks so much diet.com! This has been such a great place to help me with my goals of becoming a better me!

@ 10:19am ET on March 4, 2013
Thank you for the inspiration Brittney and Tracey! And thank you Diet.com!!!

@ 1:04pm ET on March 4, 2013
I'm so happy today!! I'm so glad I found this site ;) everyone here has been so supportive and motivating. Thank you diet.com and all of you amazing members!!

@ 2:11pm ET on March 4, 2013
We're so excited for our winners!! I'll be contacting each of you shortly to get your mailing address!

You'll also be upgraded today to your PREMIUM memberships!

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