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Hello Diet.com members and Weight Loss Challengers!!

Happy Monday!!

(Read on to find out how you can win our Weight Loss Challenge!)

Today marks the beginning of Week 4 of our 6-week New Year's Weight Loss Challenge! Our Challengers have lost a combined total of nearly 1,000 lbs so far since January 9, and we're so proud of all the success you're seeing!

We'd love to hear which of your Milestones you've completed so far, and which Milestones you're still working on achieving. So be sure to share in the comments below to let us know just how you're doing!

Well you know that our Weight Loss Challenges provide a motivational forum for you to set personal mini-goals and rewards, as well as get a strong dose of community support to help you achieve those goals. But you probably also know that our Challenges end with a Grand Prize Winner being named, as well as several runners up. And it wouldn't be a Challenge without a great prize package for our winners!!

This time around Diet.com has teamed up with Vita Coco - "an all-natural, super-hydrating, fat-free, cholesterol-free, nutrient-packed, potassium-stacked, mega-electrolyte coconut water!" - to reward our top Challengers with cases of Vita Coco's incredible beverages!

Vita Coco has donated 3 cases of their coconut water to the Grand Prize winner, and one case each to our 3 runners up.

Vita Coco

We think you guys will really love this coconut water, so we can't wait for our top Challengers to check them out!

But that's not ALLLLLLL we have for our top Challengers!!!

Diet.com will also reward our Grand Prize Challenger with a $250 Visa Gift Card! WOWZA, how's THAT for motivation?!?! A $250 Visa Gift Card can get you so many awesome things - a new piece of home workout equipment, some new sneakers, home electronics... you name it! Share below in the comments how YOU would spend the $250 if you were named the winner!

We'll also be rewarding each of the 3 runners up with $50 Visa Gift Cards, so if you've been on the fence about really committing yourself to this Challenge, it's time to step your game up!

And as usual, all winners will receive a variety of diet/fitness/health books from Diet.com!

**So HOW can you win? Participate in our Challenge - check in with us on our Challenge Message Board, weigh-in weekly using the Weigh-In Widget at the upper right of your Challenge screen, complete Milestones and drop pounds!**

So what are you waiting for? Join our Challenge, set/reach goals, drop pounds... AND get the chance to win our prize packages!!!


@ 7:26am ET on January 30, 2012
What about us dieters on the other side of the Pond? Do we still get entered? I'm a challenger from the UK.

@ 10:00am ET on January 30, 2012
Hi, I passed two milestones just didn't get my rewards yet :) It's very very hard to write down everything you eat and it seems so easy to eat breakfast every day, I can't imagine everyone eats breakfast without a second thought, for me it's such a biggo dealo. Also, today's question was much more difficult than I thought. I was like "oh of course I can do 100 knee lifts" in reality, 40 was my limit, the pain! These prizes are great! =^.^=

@ 2:56pm ET on January 30, 2012
How awesome for the winners :) I am excited to keep pushing myself. This is the most I have ever REALLY tried! I am eating clean, and working out....and all because Diet.com motivated me to do so! I love this website, always have...but it just becomes more loveable each day! I have reached 2 milestons. I rewarded myself with new sneakers, which my mom got for me. And a new personal calendar so I can keep track of my goals :)

@ 11:00am ET on February 2, 2012
Agreement Squirrel - if a winner from outside the US wins we'll substitute the prizes for an Amazon gift card of equal value!

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