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Welcome to Week 5 of our Spring Fitness Challenge! This new kind of Challenge aims to help you get in shape for the summer months ahead and is taking place within our Blogs and our Workout Builder... as well as in YOUR home or gym!

Each week of this 8-week Challenge - which will run from April 2 - May 27!!! - I'll be posting a new printable workout in my blog. (Look for the words "Spring Fitness Challenge" in my blog titles each week!) You'll be able to print out your workout and take it with you to the gym OR you can follow along with the workout in real-time by viewing it under the Expert Playlists in our Workout Builder!

To participate in the Challenge - just try out the workout each week and post about your progress/experience in your blog. Try the workout as many times as you'd like - we recommend around 1-3x per week, depending on your fitness levels. Each week's workout will progress slightly in difficulty - so that by Week 8, you're really cruising along on your fitness goals, becoming a stronger and more confident you! Fill us in each week on your weekly weigh-in and definitely let us know if you're seeing any weight loss or if you're feeling stronger!

Be sure to include "Spring Fitness Challenge" in the title of your blogs each week! That way we'll know for sure who is participating :) We'll be selecting a winner at the end of the 8-week Challenge, who will win a 1-year Premium Membership to Diet.com!

Here is your Week 5 Workout Challenge, which you can print out or follow along with in our Workout Builder (under Expert Playlists, Challenge Expert Workout Week 5):

spring fitness challenge week 5

Feel free to click on this image for a full-size, printable version!

Not sure where to find our Workout Builder? Check under FITNESS up there ^^ in our top navigation!

Not sure how to post a blog? Click on Diet Blogs, under WEIGHT LOSS COMMUNITY up there ^^, and then on the big, green "POST YOUR BLOG" button.

As an added Challenge bonus, our Diet.com Fitness Expert Alicia Kirschenheiter will be blogging each week to help encourage you and let you ask her any fitness questions! Check out her blog here, and feel free to drop her a line in the comments of her blog!

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! Remember to post your Week 5 Weigh-In and your progress pictures in your blog! Read this blog to find out how to include an image in your blog!

(Just joining us? Check back in my blogs for Weeks 1-4!)

@ 7:43pm ET on April 23, 2012
Why i cant see what is on the week 5,6, & 7 ?

@ 10:07am ET on April 24, 2012
Because we're only on Week 4! :)

@ 6:23pm ET on May 1, 2012
wow does this actually work?

@ 4:55pm ET on May 3, 2012
Hi I just joined. How can I see week 1 thru 4?


@ 5:09pm ET on May 3, 2012
Great question! I just added a link to the rest of my blogs so you can easily click back to past weeks!

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