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I finally got sick of my ribs and shoulder hurting all the time. It got in the way of my sleep and when I worked on Sunday it really bothered me. I had another shift today, so this morning I woke up really early and went to the health services on campus. Apparently my blood pressure is consistently low. I can't remember what it was today, but the doctor noted that it was pretty low. She checked my breathing, which she said sounded normal, and checked in my ears to see if there was any fluid build up and couldn't find anything. She really wanted to have some blood work done... which terrified me. I hate needles. Like, seriously really hate them. She said she couldn't make me have blood drawn, and while I really didn't want to, I knew it had to be done just so we can make sure everything was ok with me. So I agreed.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it still hurt a little. The nurse was really awesome. She hit the vein the first try and she talked to me and before I knew it, it was done. I waited a while for some of the results. I was taken back to the exam room for my doctor to go over it. So far we know that I'm not anemic, my white blood cell count is normal, and my platelet count is normal as well. Tomorrow she's going to call me about my blood sugar, electrolytes and something else... I don't remember what. So here's hoping for good news!

I also got a note from my doctor for work saying that she suggests that I avoid work the rest of this week to give myself time to heal a bit more. So that'll be a nice lil break. They have me on prescription ibprofin kinda stuff.

However, I know I am going to gain weight. I'm not able to move much, and I'm definitely not able to exercise... and I've definitely snacked a LOT more the past few days. Yikes! But I'll just cross that bridge when I get to it.

Later days!

@ 12:45am ET on August 1, 2012
Get plenty of rest and drink water. Since everything today looked good, hopefully the rest of the stuff will as well. I am sure it will! Keep in good spirits, too. Thinking big thoughts of wellness for you.

@ 9:54am ET on August 1, 2012
Yeah, I'm feeling a lot better recently except the constant pain in my side. As I'm typing this I'm sitting in my chair with my heating pad on my ribs. I'm just so sick of this and I'm ready for the pain to actually start going away. Blah! I'm ready to be myself again ha ha

@ 1:00pm ET on August 1, 2012
Also I just got a call back from my doctor about the rest of my blood work. Apparently my blood sugar, electrolytes, kidney and liver functions are all within normal range. So nothing to worry about there. Which means we still don't fully know what caused me to faint... but at least I know it was none of that stuff ha ha

@ 7:52pm ET on August 3, 2012
Oh man, i totally feel your pain. I took a tumble down the stairs on Monday and my ribs, back and elbows are still killing me. Make sure to take the ibuprofen like clockwork, it really does help. I hope you feel better soon.

@ 8:10pm ET on August 3, 2012
Yeah, my doctor gave me that prescription strength ibuprofen and I have to take it three times a day. It's helping a little bit. I'm mostly sore in at night when I lay down to go to bed and in the morning when I wake up... which tips me off that it's probably totally muscular. But it's totally getting better... still hurts... but I can tell it's getting better slowly but surely. My doctor said it would probably take it another 2-3 weeks to fully get better.

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