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I have been successfully maintaining my weight for several years now, but within the past year I've had some medical issues and am on my seventh medication. When it first came up, my parents blamed my vegetarian diet and Crystal Light(chemicals). I thought they were crazy.

So, for Christmas, my mom got me the Blood Type Diet book (Eat Right For Your Type). I had heard of it before and thought it was a strange idea. The book is based on 30 years of research and the scientific information takes up the first several chapters. I read it and understood what Dr. D'Adamo was saying about blood having different receptors. I took enough Biology to understand that, but I am still suspicious of how well it works. It is not meant as a weight loss diet, but as a way to improve your health.

So, I read about my blood type. D'Adamo says type A thrives on a vegetarian diet. Great, I already have that down. But then he lists a whole bunch of things not to eat. And I think, "What? I could never follow this." Dairy, fruits, and vegetables that I commonly eat are on the avoid list. He writes that you/I won't need a multivitamin on his diet, but I find it hard to believe since healthy produce is being removed from my diet.

But, I've been trying to follow his plan this week. Last night, feeling deprived, I broke down and drank orange juice and soda. Now, I don't usually drink soda, but OJ is a staple for me. I understand why no one should really drink soda, but will cutting out orange juice really help?

This morning, I woke up and decided to try again. I had a half grapefruit instead of orange juice. I had a little bit of yogurt (dairy is supposed to be limited). At lunch, I had an apple instead of a banana. I don't know what I'll have for dinner yet, but I'll try to avoid certain vegetables.

I think it will be a challenge for me to sustain this, though. Like last night, I will crave my favorite foods and cave into them. I'm wondering how long I have to follow it and how strictly I should adhere to it before I notice health changes--if I ever will!

@ 3:56pm ET on January 11, 2012
Based on my experiences (and being a T2 Diabetic), I've discovered there's NO perfect Diet Program. Some programs are based on normal body living in southern parts of North America (like the South Beach diet), some are based on portion sizing living in middle of North America (like Idaho Plate Program) and there's the customized Lower Carb T2 diet program. And, there's the Watch Watchers program - for the folks who want to order, cook and go. Each program has its pros/cons and different costs. And, each program has different impacts on the human normal body as well. For example, South Beach diet at its 100% bundle would make my BG (Blood Glucose) numbers climb too high.

And, many nutricians have their own opinion about individual food items as well. Even common food items found in many Grocery stores are recommended by different "experts". For example:
- Apples. It's true that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". However, some chemical scientists feel its outer skin contains too much toxins / pestisides. Thus, always best to skin the RAW apple before eating it. Some don't take chemical toxins into account. re: In today's times, insides is good, Outside is bad!
- Peanut better. As a general statement, peanut butter is good for the body. It contains mixed nuts - which is good. But, that jar of "process" peanut butter contains added sugar & salt (to make the product taste better) and chemicals to extend its shelf life. So, the spoon full of peanut butter is good for the body but it also contains bad things - that does create collateral cell damage (like higher risk of cancer). It's much better to simply have "palm size" full of unsalted nuts from a jar.
- Fish (like tuna / salmon / shrimp) contains Omega-3s. These Omega-3s are good for the brain and body. However... Older age the fish (like Tuna), the higher PBCs, mercury and other heavy metals it contains. Again, one is getting good with "some" bad. Eat too much of a good thing and the BAD levels become too high for the body. Thus, always best to alternate Tuna, Salmon and shrimp intake using "every other day" pattern. And when possible, get "light" tuna in water. Or, "wild" salmon compared to commercial grown farm salmon.
- Pop/Cola is very bad for the body. Its contains way too much added sugar and contains added extend shelf life toxins. Vision POP as "battery acid" within your body.
- Yogart is a "be careful" product. It contains added sugar and shelf life extension toxins as well. If Yogart is your thing, then make your own yogart. Thus, you know what's inside it. If one must buy yogart, then get "low fat / low sugar" plan vanella and add your own fresh berries / fresh fruit. Thus, getting a much healthier mixture - compared to buy pre-mixed fruit flavor yogart.
- Orange juice is like the pop/cola store bought drink. Read its label and understand it. If container states "artificial flavor", run away from it. If it contains too much sugar, run away from it. If it has long shelf life, run away from it. If it contains chemicals you cannot say & understand, then run away from it. For OJ in my family, we simply buy fresh oranges and make our own drink. And, dilute it - so its taste isn't as strong. If wondering, my glass of OJ is really 98% clear water and 2% of freshly squeezed orange juice (from a real orange). Vison tasting a glass of water with a slight orange taste. And, this ratio doesn't drive my body's BG numbers nuts either.
- Banana contains potassium (which is good) but for for a diabetic, its GI release is too fast. Thus, my T2 body can only eat 1/2 banana per meal time.
- From one Diet Program author, he recommends the 100% elimination of Whole Wheat food items. Yes, their Fibre is good for the body but WW bread also contain Gluten. Gluten is "glue" and it does "gum up" the insides of the body. Hence, the reason for Gluten Free food items. A different author recommends max 2 x Whole Wheat slices each day. Andm NO MORE than 2 x slices of WW bread. Thus, getting some good fibre without "gumming up" the insides of the body.
- I remember reading about one food item author who recommends NO alchol. 100% cut out of one's diet. To them, alchol = battery acid. But in a different book, 6-8 oz for women of Red wine and 8-10 oz of Red wine for men naturally lowers BP, helps reduce risk of cancer and makes one live longer. To them, less then 8 oz of RED wine is a very good thing.
- And in a different book, I remember reading about max 2 oz of COCO (pure dark chocolate) for women during monthly cycle time. The chemical in "dark" chocolate calms their sudden change of hormones. But a differnt food item author (ya, the author was a man), thinks any form of chocolate is VERY Bad. Avoid chocolate like battery acid.

As per above, there's no perfect diet program and no perfect individual food items either. Each food item has both good and bad. The trick is to pick the "least bad" for one's unique body. For example, one should have fish @ 3 times per week but alternate the food item, and keep its serving size reasonable. For fish, this is a common theme within many diffent diet / Good health books.

Hope this helps...

@ 4:50pm ET on January 11, 2012
Regarding your multi-vitamin question....

As a suggestion... I would read many different "better eating" books and overlay each of their themes. For example:
- Eat less Sugar / have more water intake.
- Eat less White Flour / Eat more Whole Wheat items.
- Eat more fresh veggies / Eat more fresh fruit.
- Eat less bad fats / Eat more good fats.
- Pick foods that contain zero to much less toxins.
- When possible, eat fresh and if NOT available, eat frozen. If fresh or frozen isn't availble, then eat can foods. And for can foods (like can green beans), one must rinse 2 times. Thus, rinsing the salt out of their packaging.
- Within these books, also focus on their vitamins / Minerals sections.

If their "overalapped" common themes from all books is to take a daily muti-vitamin, take Vit-D, take Calcium, then perhaps its a common message. Majority rules outcome.

If wondering, I've been taking 1 x multi-vitamin, 2 x Vit-Ds (due to my less sun light winter region), Calcium (since I don't drink dairy), Vit-C (since I don't have much citrus) ADDED daily suppliments since 2008. And, for my unique body, regional location and unique lifestyle, my doctor is pleased with these suppliments.

Hope this helps as well...

@ 4:56pm ET on January 11, 2012
Spike, I also like your answers because they are so thorough. Thank you.

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