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It's been really hard to stay on track lately for some reason. I'm down to 162 pounds now, but I'm seriously having trouble staying focused. :(

@ 9:32pm ET on August 11, 2012

Perhaps the trick into long term lifestyle changes (improvements) is to set simple "event trigger" daily routines? For example:
- Before eating a meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner), simply have an 8 oz glass of clear water, wait 5 minutes, then eat. This clear water is great for the body. But, it also fills in the stomach cavity. Thus, triggering one's "I'm full" signal to the brain much faster. When applying this trick, only load 3/4 plate of food items. Thus, one won't feel guilty of waisting food - when their "I'm full" trigger at 3/4 eaten plate.
- After each meal, immediately do the dishes. Or, load up the dish washer. This standing, walking to cupboards&/or bending over tasks helps digest immediately eaten food items.
- After doing dishes (called "warn up" exercises), simply take the dog for a walk. Or, walk around the small city block on your own. Or, take a friend. During your walk, think about the next things you can do in life or chat with a friend. Or, think of that complex school assignment. While the mind is on something else, one tends to exercise for a longer time / or longer distance. One of those… "WOW, have I walked that far already?" outcomes….
- When brushing teeth before bed, do raised calves (re: standing on tippy toes and back down) while counting to 75. When one gets to 75, their teeth are brushed. And, their ankles / calves get exercise as well.
- At school or work, park further away from the building. Thus, forcing the body to walk further. If one takes a transit bus, exit the bus 1 block before your normal stop. Thus, forcing the body to walk further as well.
- For under 4 levels, take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you usually walk up 1 flight of stairs, stop walking. Run up it instead. At home, I always run up 1 flight of stairs. Always. Now, walking up stairs is too slow and when I do it, I immediately think of "what a waste of time". Now, I run up them - which is now a normal task for me.
- When going for lunch, take a friend and split a meal plate. When my wife & I go out for our Friday lunches, we always split a plate. We save money and eliminate "fat around the gut" outcome as well. If I get hungry later, I simply have 1 x Apple - to hold me over until usual snack time. 1 x apple is always much better than 2nd sandwich. Or, another bowl of soup - which is over loaded with too much salt anyway.
- If doing a task that doesn't burn too much calories, always "eat for the task". For example, have a small snack instead of a meal plate. When I drive 5+ hours, I often have 1 full bottle of water and an apple. Why "fuel up" the body before the trip if its doesn't perform the task to burn its digested calories away.
- Every weekend, apply a task that you really love. For me, its swimming. I can swim, swim and swim. I also love my TreadMill while listening to hot country music as well. My wife loves Zumba (which is combo exercising / dancing to music). And, she loves her kick boxing training as well. She learns to defence herself (if every needed) and her body gets great exercise as well.
- Apply a "healthy lifestyle" attitude very day. Keep repeating, "better eating and exercise makes me live…. And, makes me live longer…." Better lifestyle makes "my body look better and live longer". Brushing my teeth makes them white and makes them last longer as well….. Notice the pattern of "better and longer" when good lifestyle choices are applied….

As a suggestion, apply the above items and "make them daily routine tasks". Just like washing one's face / hands several times a day or brushing one's teeth or getting dressed each day. This works for me….

Hope these ideas help you…

@ 9:57am ET on August 13, 2012
Stay strong! you can do it!

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