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Recent research is showing that stretching and practicing yoga are two great, unconventional ways to alleviate back pain. Great news for Diet.com members - because we've got a TON of great yoga resources here on the site!

I'm spotlighting five of my favorite Diet.com yoga resources below - check them out, and let me know some of YOUR favorite yoga articles, exercises, or workout videos in the comments!
yoga, downward dog
1. Yoga, Pilates and Stretching Videos:
Here you'll find all of our yoga, Pilates and stretching videos all easily categorized for you in one place. Watch instructional fitness videos featuring yoga, Pilates and stretching techniques. Add these exercises to your current workout routine!

2. Expert Blogger Erica Bornstein, aka The Dancing Yogini:
Erica Bornstein is a yoga teacher, dancer, and lover of all movement. She believes that yoga can be an embodied art form, a stimulated workout, a lifestyle, a tool for therapeutic relaxation, or a form of spirituality. Bookmark her blogs today for tips and workouts, and check her out in several of our yoga-themed Diet.com Videos.

3. Yoga and Pilates Toning Workout: Follow Along!
This expert-designed yoga-inspired workout can be printed out to take with you to the gym, or you can follow along with it right in our Workout Builder, under the Expert Playlists button.

4. Yoga, Pilates and Stretching Blogs:
Read our yoga/Pilates expert blogs to learn how to correctly perform yoga positions or Pilates exercises, or learn how to stretch your body to prevent injury with any of our experts' stretching blogs. You can find new routines to blast calories, or just find a new way to unwind and loosen up while strengthening your body. These blogs are chock-full of handy info!

5. Expert Blogger Kate Lindberg, Peace, Love, Yoga:
Kate discovered yoga as a college graduate, and was immediately charmed. She has found yoga to be a powerful tool for fitness, strength and flexibility, as well as self discovery. She loves sharing the joy yoga has brought to her life through her teaching. Bookmark her blogs today!

Have you tried yoga before? Share your experience with yoga, plus your favorite yoga resources, in the comments below!

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