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Avoid workout bounce to fight gravity long term. We know too well how easily a face can show your age. Similarly, the thin skin and delicate breast tissue also requires care.

Finding the Right Sports BraI'm going to concern us with bras that provide the most motion control for running, jumping and other high impact activities, as finding enough support for basic yoga is less of an undertaking. Right?

Top 5 Support Rules:

1. Seek a T-back or Racer (X-shaped) back, as they draw support in all directions.

2. Avoid skinny straps - they will quickly stretch out and give way to gravity.

3. Avoid "seamless" sports bras by all brands. The pantyhose-like material is too thin to provide substantial support.

4. Like a machine at the gym, the more adjustment points, like back closure and adjustable straps, the more perfect fit and thus stability you gain. Plus, it makes getting bra on/off easier.

5. If you're more endowed (C or larger), search for a high impact bra that covers higher up on your chest and has lining and/or molded cups.

* BRA TOPS/TANKS: bra tops that extend longer to the mid abs or waist are not as supportive as a sports bra. The sole source of support, the below breast elastic, is never very thick in these tops/tanks, permitting it to ride up inconveniently. Put your money in the bra. Wear a bra top over it if you please, but a tank or t-shirt works just as well, as the bra is what ...    Continue

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