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Saving Dinner

by Leanne Ely, Certified Nutrition Counselor
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There are foods that are healthy and then there are foods that are powerhouses. I've got 10 here that are supersonic super foods that you absolutely should include in your diet if you want to lose weight, get as healthy as you can and look your best!

Here they are:

tomatoes, healthy foods1"Tomatoes. The all-powerful tomato can do all kinds of things, besides make your favorite spaghetti sauce. It's rich in lycopene, an important nutrient that may lower the risk of all kinds of cancer, prostate included. Plus the vitamin C factor is an added bonus!

2"Greens. I love braised greens (steam them till bright green, then sauté in olive oil and garlic, put a lid on them and let them finish cooking after I turn off the heat). Any kind of green will do, from Swiss chard, to kale, to collard greens. They're all delicious. I can eat 1/2 a pound in one sitting!

3"Almonds. I'm a huge fan of nuts, especially raw almonds (and walnuts, too). I place 10 of them in a ramekin and munch them at my desk, lingeringly (it's too easy to eat too many, so I measure them out). I take my time and they seem to last. I also make up little zip lock bags of almonds to have on hand. One bag of these nuts is always in purse for an emergency snack!

4"Salmon. I absolutely adore grilled salmon. It's gotta be WILD though, if you want the benefit of the omega 3 fatty acids (farm-raised salmon doesn't cut it). My absolute fave is wild Alaskan Sockeye. I just had it for dinner tonight (with some braised greens) and I'm in love. I heat up the barby (I have a gas one), throw the frozen salmon on, skin side down, sprinkle some salmon seasoning from Paul Prudhomme (generously, I might add) and that's it! EASY BUTTON and absolutely delicious; no planning necessary!

5"Frozen berries. I make my smoothies ...    Continue

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@ 7:43am ET on May 2, 2008
I'm not sure where to find kefir?

This is a great list. I'm going to print it off and take it with me to the store next shopping trip. Heck, who doesn't want to live longer?!

@ 9:52am ET on May 2, 2008
Love all those things and they are part of my diet. Kefir is the only thing that sounds gross for some reason!

@ 12:22pm ET on May 3, 2008
I love these things (minus the fish), but I have to get more of these into my diet. I love the ideas and will check back regularly to this.


@ 9:29am ET on May 5, 2008
i cant seem to find where i can fill in that i need the most decadent diet ever copy, please if possible can you guys send it on my email

@ 8:57am ET on August 9, 2010
babybirdgirl - I don't know were you're located, but kefir can commonly be found in Eastern European food shops (Polish, Russian, Lithuanian etc). Usually not in supermarkets.

@ 10:14am ET on August 9, 2010
Hm... I don't want to be controversial, but I'm kind of leery of "must-haves". Before I run off to stock up on kefir and other foods from this list, I just read this article concerning superfoods:


@ 3:45pm ET on August 11, 2010
I dont like onions,nuts,tomatoes,greens,

Really the only thing on that list that I actually can eat is the dark chocolate and Oranges

What Do I do?

@ 3:45pm ET on August 11, 2010
I dont like onions,nuts,tomatoes,greens,

Really the only thing on that list that I actually can eat is the dark chocolate and Oranges

What Do I do?

@ 11:56am ET on October 20, 2010
All those foods are good for longivity purposes.For you to live a fulfilled and healthy life,you need them.ken

@ 5:33am ET on January 14, 2013
should i eat daily everything

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