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The future is something that everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes per hour, whatever he does, whoever he is. C.S. Lewis

Someone said to me a long time ago - Time is going by no matter what we are doing with it. How true. When I am doing what I need to be doing to be a healthy, happy me time is marching on. When I am not doing what I need to be doing to be a healthy, happy me time is STILL marching on. And, might as well face it, I am not getting any younger. That quote above puts some perspective on what I have been trying to accomplish. When I look back over the last several months, I see great accomplishment. I have often heard myself telling others "you will do it in your own time". The subject doesn't matter - losing weight, getting out of a bad relationship, leaving a dead-end job, going back to school. You will do it in your own time. I think the next time I say that to someone I will add a but. BUT - remember, time is going by not matter what you are doing with it. We only get this one little life. Live it to the fullest. If not, you are shortchanging yourself and your loved ones.

@ 9:43am ET on September 30, 2011 Very true, Cheryl.

I think our egos are sometimes so big that
we fail to recognize time. Sometimes, it
seems we have all the time in the world,
but of course we don't.

Perhaps it's just as important to enjoy the
journey you're on--to love living in the
shoes you're in right now. Always looking
to the future is a sure way to stop loving
yourself, and to end up disappointed.

We are never in our future. We can only
be in our present.

Great, and inspiring share. Thanks!
@ 12:40pm ET on September 30, 2011 So true!! Thanks for posting!
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