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Well this is my beginning of my diet story. It was only 2 weeks ago I started my diet. okay well some things about me young teenager, girl, weight: 181, height: 5'5. Well 2 weeks ago I was in my mother's bed (my dad goes to business trips a lot so when he's gone my mother lets one of the kids sleep in her bed) We were both on our laptops and I just weighed myself. I felt sick to my stomach. So I emailed her about my weight problem I faced the fact that I was over weight. It was very depressing writing that letter to her. i couldn't talk to her about it in person because when i hear anything about fat, I cry. It's a really bad feeling. So I got done with the letter and went to sleep. So in the morning i woke up. At 9 a.m , my mom told me to go on the computer and read her email. So I did. This is what it said (before you read the email my older brother and my mother are really healthy) here the email :Dear Olivia,
Okay, you are right. You need to get to a more healthy weight. But....you say you don't like exercise, well, do you like diabetes? Do you want to be called bad names and such? It is not just food, you absolutely need to exercise, everyday, no excuses. Before you know it, you will be used to it and it won't be so tough. I ask you to walk and then stop asking because you don't go. Walk with me, it's one of the easiest exercises you can do. How about you start walking with me everyday? Also, how about you not eating after a certain time, say 7:30? Maybe cut back on servings when you eat, no seconds and watch the drink intake, only water, diet sodas and milk but don't overdue the milk because it is calories too. You know, it won't be easy, but you can do this. I know you can. Wouldn't it be great to lose weight before you go back to school? You will look and more importantly, feel better. I agree, it needs to be done because I care about you and I don't want you sick.

So, here it is: walk with me, everyday, no excuses. No eating after 7:30 p.m., no second helpings and watch the snacking. This should help bring you to a healthier weight before you know it, but you must stick to these rules. Okay? Okay.

Love you.
Okay so I did that and I alright lost 7 pounds!!!!!! :D But I did cheat a few times. So i made another rule every 10 days, I can have a cheat day. So after that about a week i wasn't really healthy anymore. I thought it wasn't doing anything. It was really bad, I just kept snacking. But then i start putting my shit together and did it again. But I have a question for all the healthy people or people on diets, How do I stay motivated? I just can't seem to be. Okay well Im going to make more but help? By the way anymore diet tips?

@ 10:25am ET on July 26, 2012
Hi SassyBT, Welcome, I'm so proud of you for taking that initiative and you've lost 7 pounds! You're doing amazing keep it up. I plan a cheat meal once a week. Your mom is willing to walk with you each day, that's a great opportunity to chat with her and it will get easier to talk to her about everything and you won't have to send her an email about it. Maybe you can take turns on which route to take. I used to beg my mom to walk with me and she complained about the hills, now she's had a quadruple by-pass and wants to walk with me, but now I live 1500 miles away! Regarding tips, My standby eating tip, Eat a protein at every meal or snack WITH something crunchy. =^.^=

@ 10:57am ET on July 26, 2012
Hi Olivia, welcome to diet.com! I've only been on it a few days, but I feel better about things already because the people here are so supportive. That's part of what has kept me motivated. Also, go to the fitness tab, then go to expert blogs, then click on Stephen Cabral's name. He has a lot of great advice about what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat! Also about working out. It doesn't have to be a lengthy process. If there's one thing I've learned from reading all these tips, it's that you don't have to give up snacking, but instead, have smaller meals throughout the day. It will help keep you on track. Keep up the good work, and you're already part of the way to your goals! :)

@ 12:45pm ET on July 26, 2012
Welcome! It is good to hear that you're making changes in your life to better your health. Everyone up above has great tips. Keep up the walking with your mom! I really wish I had someone to walk with, so take advantage of that time you have. Also, for motivation, this site is my main source of motivation. I get on everyday. I try to blog daily and also write in my journal on here.

@ 6:41pm ET on July 28, 2012
Hi welcome! I would suggest going to the store and buying an outfit you'd like to fit into for the first day of school, obviously at least a size smaller than you are right now. Hang it in your room not in the closet, so that everytime you see it, you see what you are working towards. Everytime you want a snack choose fruit instead of junk. I know how easy it is to just give in and make excuses as to why you deserve that snack but you just have to be strong and think of the consequences of eating those snacks. How much more exercise and sweating will you have to do to make up for those snacks.

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