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Sometimes things do not go as planned. Sometimes choices are made on impulse and are not thought through. An example of this is "Me vs. the Can of Frosting." Things were going along well for me yesterday. I drank a smoothie for breakfast. I went to the store as planned and made some asparagus for lunch. (This was very yummy. I sprinkled some olive oil on a bunch of asparagus that was spread out on a baking sheet. I baked for 10 min on 405. I took it out and sprinkled some shredded romano and parmigiano reggiano cheese on to and baked for another few minutes.) I also had some hummus chips and a yogurt. Then I decided to make some homemade sauce for dinner. I opened up the spice cabinet to get a bay leaf, and there it was... an entire can of frosting that I had forgotten about. I was able to leave it there for a while, but the frosting continued to lure me in. After a while I began to get hungry and instead of grabbing a handful of baby carrots that I had placed nicely in individual baggies for occasions such as this, I grabbed the frosting. I will spare the gory details, but let's just say there was a spoon involved and a sugar hang over a little while after. Now normally this would have set off a chain of events that would have continued throughout the rest of the day. However, this time I thought, "no it will end here!" I had this wonderful, healthy sauce for dinner and I was not going to ruin it continuing down this slippery frosting slope.
So I messed up. So sometimes things do not go as planned. So what? I had a nice dinner with my family with the sauce I made and over some angel hair pasta plus. I didn't let that slip up ruin my day. I moved on. I do plan to make this a lifestyle change and not a diet, so I will have slip ups. The key for me will be to move on and not throw my hands up and say "well, I have already ruined my day, so I may as well have some cookies too!" The frosting taught me that. So thank you, frosting for a lesson learned.
Bring it on day 2!

@ 8:15am ET on September 27, 2011
My mantra, after succumbing to the siren of the moment, is "what am I going to choose to do next?". Just like you I have the potential for slippage but like you, the difference over the past 16 months has been that I have been able to stop and makengood choices going forward....

Awesome post...thanks!

@ 8:57am ET on September 27, 2011
Wow... great job! I am much to quick to trash the whole day after a slip up and now when I feel like that is happening I will remember The War of the Frosting! haha :) Happy Day 2!

@ 1:14pm ET on September 27, 2011
Way to go! I love your title...the War of the Frosting...it's so true! I bake/decorate cakes as a little side job and have started toning down my side business because it's almost impossible to stay on track when I'm baking 150 cupcakes. Out of house...out of mind!

@ 2:24pm ET on September 27, 2011
Great job! Thanks for sharing :)

@ 4:03pm ET on September 27, 2011
Mmmm I LOOOOVE asparagus, especially grilled or baked. Even just tossing it in some olive oil with a little salt and pepper makes it taste sooo goooood. Not to mention how good it is FOR you. :) Ok so eating the frosting was not ideal, but you recognized afterward that it wasn't a great idea - and you even felt the negative effects of it with your "sugar hangover". I agree with Lauren - out of sight, out of mind with that kind of thing!

@ 7:18am ET on September 28, 2011
My big "bug-a-boo" in the pantry is sweetened condensed milk! I use it for desserts and homemade candy, but every so often that can will keep calling me, until, like you and the can of frosting, it lures me in! I've been known to eat half a can at one sitting! So I'm NOT going to keep the stuff on hand. Will only buy it when I know it will be used up within 24 hours!

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