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The Final 10!

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So, I've been using pinterest for a while, but recently found a whole bunch of fitness and diet inspiration boards. For those who don't know, pinterest is an online collaging system, kinda like a cork board.

I've found some great inspirational images for fitness, diet and just getting motivation. I keep logging on anytime I feel myself wavering, and it gets me back into the right mindset. I'm constantly looking for visual forms of motivation (looking at pictures of celebs doesn't do it for me, they don't seem like 'real' people) so this has been really helpful.

I've even started my own fitness pinterest board. There's not much on it, but you can check it out here, if you want:


@ 10:33am ET on April 16, 2012 Awesome! Diet.com has a Pinterest account as well - you can find us by clicking on the Pinterest icon at the top of all of our Diet.com pages :)
@ 12:17pm ET on April 16, 2012 Love Pinterest for inspiration!
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