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Getting my sexy back..

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Alarm set this morning but not wakey wakey. I even set my coffee maker to start brewing when my run was finished but that didnt even happen. So boo I cant blame anyone but myself. But to be honest I really need to stick to going to be at 9pm. I always push it back bc it doesnt work with everyone elses life and I really have to stop that. I need to live for me. I only have 29 days until my first 5k and I really dont want to make a fool out of myself. Tonight I will make up for it and will do some strength training that way that can get underway. So scareed that Sundays weight in is gonna be a big failure. Uggghh. Also I have my best friends baby shower and she is gonna have cake and sweets and soda and all this crap around me all day. And everyone knows im dieting and everyone thinks of me as a fat ass. And when i tell people know i dont want it bc i really dont I alwaya get come on elise its okay just eat it you know you want it. Uggh I hate that. I have to stay strong. Well wish me luck. I have alot to accomplish. Also I want to share a photo with you guys how do I upload it in a blog. hmmmm

@ 12:48pm ET on July 26, 2012 http://www.diet.com/dietblogs/read_blog.php?title=How+To+Post+An+Image+In+Your+Blog&blid=26716

There is a blog telling you how to do it! I will love to see your pictures.
@ 3:20pm ET on July 26, 2012 Ohh this is gonna be great. I will post pics all the time now. lol.
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