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So I'm armed, I'm ready, I'm getting in to the right frame of mind and with the Olympics on my TV 24/7 I will use the analogy of a hurdler. I can see the finish line of my weigh in on Tuesday and I have 7 hurdles (days) to tackle, I have done the training I feel ready but what I feel less in control of is the opposition. On the track there are other competitors threatening to knock me off track; my husband and my sister.

Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary and we are going away for the evening to a lovely posh hotel with a 3 course meal and one of my weaknesses, an all you can eat buffet breakfast, I'm salivating at the thought. The evening meal I am confident I can tackle, I know the right choices to make and I can save my syns for the desert. But the breakfast buffet, that is going to be hard. I can visualise it now sitting opposite my husband with his plate piled high with bacon, sausages, fried eggs, fried mushrooms, hash browns, fried bread, tucking in and probably going back for more, whilst I sit there with scrambled eggs on toast, resenting my diet. I need to be OK with situations like this, I need to not feel like I'm missing out. My husband would, if asked, not eat it but that is not realistic I'm the one that needs to change.

The second competitor threatening to knock me off the track is my sister. Imagine Ma Larkin and you can picture her, round and rosy wearing an apron and smelling of lovely cakes that she has baking in the oven. She loves to host, loves to cook and loves to feed people not the best person to have around when you are trying to eat healthily! She is a great cook and her deserts are heavenly; carrot cake, banoffee pie, Eton mess all homemade, all amazing, even better than Marks & Spencer. We are due there on Sunday for a family gathering, I will need will power, I will need to stay strong, I can say no, I can do this ... wish me luck!

@ 5:00pm ET on August 1, 2012
Yes, you can do this!

And congrats on your anniversary.

@ 5:30pm ET on August 6, 2012
One thing I'd suggest is to re-think your mindset about your healthy eating routine. Instead of thinking about all of the (unhealthy) things you "can't" have, try thinking of all of the (healthy) things you can have as much of as you'd like!

For example, instead of thinking about how you "can't" eat bacon, think of all of the different kinds of fruit you can pile up on your plate. You don't need to only have scrambled eggs and toast! You could even get an omelette with several different kinds of veggies inside, with wheat toast and fruit. That sounds like a feast to me! And much, much, much better for your body than any of that stuff you hubby may have piled onto his plate.

I also frequently remind myself of the real reason that human beings eat food - to fuel their bodies. It's not about what your mouth "wants to taste" - it's about what your body "needs" for fuel and sustenance. Essentially it's training yourself to think the right way about food, rather than the way that our modern society has conditioned us to think about food. It takes some work to re-train yourself, but it can be done with practice, and it can have wonderful results :)

@ 7:19am ET on August 8, 2012
Thanks CSL-Bailey I think thats a really useful way to look at food that it is a neccessity not a luxury. That it is there to do a purpose not to gain enjoyment from. I will write that on my phone as a reminder!

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