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Life is Beautiful!!

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Tomorrow, 20/09 i will be better than today. I decided to be better cause i`m fallin in LOVE!! I want to be better beacause of him - i want to be smarter, more beautiful, more succesful. When i understood that thing, i`m became happier. THANK YOU for this CHANCE, L-I-F-E!!
I love him... I love him... I f-in LOVE HIM!! And i`ll do everythin possible for this. I PROMISE MYSELF.

@ 2:06pm ET on September 20, 2012 Congrats and goodluck. But please do it for youself more than for the love of your life.
@ 3:24pm ET on September 20, 2012 I know how it feels to want to make the person you love proud of you. But if he loves you he will love you no matter what.
So as Elise says make the change for yourself and the benefit will be more energy to spend with the person you love :)
Good luck!
@ 5:05pm ET on September 20, 2012 It's true that you need to do it for yourself! Because if you're doing it for someone else, what will you do if that person isn't in your life anymore? Will you become unhealthy? Do it for yourself, and if your guy also likes the changes, that's just a bonus!
@ 5:22pm ET on September 22, 2012 Thank you ladies for your good advices. I will try to follow it.
Joyze, he is not my boyfriend. He doesn`t know what i feel. I think i'm not good enough for him. And so i decided to change something in my life. I need it. And i am very grateful to him for it. Even if we are not together. Even if we are not together he makes me feel alive and happy.
CSL-Bailey, i think if he will fade away from my life - everythng will come to their places, and i will become unhappy again. So simple...

Sorry ladies for candid thoughts. Today is just not the best day in my life... :`(
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