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I am genuinely really proud of myself, I am now in to week 8 and I’m still going strong overall I have lost 1 stone 13 ½ pounds (27.5lbs). Huge pat on my not so fat back! I know this sounds corny but I feel as if food doesn’t have such a hold over my life. I am facing every food dilemma that threatens to knock slimmers off track and they are genuinely not an issue. I eat out and get take away regularly, I chose low fat alternatives that I enjoy and I’m now not scared to ask for modifications to my meals, which is something I would never have done before, unless it was for extra portions lol! I have never felt like I’m missing out or depriving myself. Days out, birthday parties, family gatherings, BBQs and mini breaks haven’t been a problem and I have shown on numerous occasions I can conquer the biggest beast of all the dreaded all-you-can-eat buffet. Well done me and long may it continue.

Put before I polish my halo and sit here looking all angelic, there is one thing I am reluctant to give up on, one thing that will threaten my weight loss and is starting to causing an internal dilemma. The Devil’s Juice ... alcohol. Picture the scene, it’s Friday night the girls are coming round for an Ann Summer’s party, being savvy I buy a small bottle of vodka knowing it is less calorific than wine and before I know it the bottle is gone and so are the crisps on the table and the peanuts ... grrrrrrrrrr I was so annoyed at myself. It was mindless eating, I wasn’t hungry if I was sober I would have just moved away from the snacks and they wouldn’t have ended up being thrown down my gullet without even being chewed. I am in such a good place mentally I am really dedicated and doing well, I am still going to the gym and I am now trying new classes like aqua aerobics and zumba, I am attending Slimming World and staying to group and was Slimmer of the Month for August. So why am I putting in all this hard work just to sabotage it by drinking too much, lessening my resolve and eating crap that I didn’t need.

At the moment I am loosing an average of 4lb a week and that is even with some boozy nights in between. At the moment I can continue with what I have been doing but there will come a time when I will have to make a decision about my alcohol consumption vs my healthy lifestyle, at least my liver will be pleased!

@ 5:02pm ET on September 20, 2012
The changes you've been making all sound so great! Alcohol consumption is just one more thing to begin to tackle, just like you've tackled the other obstacles. It's really important to set a plan in place - making a plan will give you guidelines of not only what you WANT to do, but also how you will handle it when you are put into a situation that involves alcohol.

No matter what, YOU are the one in charge! You're the boss! ;) Maybe it will help to let your friends know your plan as well - so they can help you stick to it. And if they aren't helping you stick to your plan - or are actually encouraging you to go off your plan - then you might need to re-evaluate who you are surrounding yourself with!

There are plenty of healthy people who enjoy alcohol in moderation - you don't need to cut it out entirely. Do a search for "alcohol" in our expert blogs and you'll find some advice - like this blog:


Good luck girl!

@ 5:19pm ET on September 20, 2012
Thank you so much I read the article and immediately feel better that there are other people facing the same dilemma as I am. I will definetly be using those tips!

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