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Already I have caught a cold from the kids I work with. This makes working out seem impossible because I have no strength, I can't breathe out my nose, and I feel like I weigh 10,000 pounds. Even still I'm going to work out,I have too. I see small changes in my stomach but that's just not good enough for me. I'm going to turn things up & take it to the next level. I take pictures of my stomach every 2 weeks so when I reach my goal,you all can see just how terrible it was. Hopefully by the end of October I'll see a big change. I wonder how all those models,singers,& actresses bounce back after only 4 weeks of giving birth to there babies.Their stomachs look like they never even were pregnant. Lol anyway I hope you all stick to your life changes & never give up. Thanks for all the support

@ 5:17pm ET on September 12, 2012 Take it easier while you're sick - you don't want to prolong your sickness! Listen to your body! :) I hope you feel better very soon!
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