Frederic J. Vagnini, M.D., is a board certified Heart & Vascular Surgeon. In recent years he has devoted his career to Clinical Nutrition & Preventive Medicine. He is a NY Times best-selling author and his recent books are Beating Diabetes and Breaking the Cardio-Diabetes Connection. Dr. V. is Medical Director of the Heart, Diabetes and Weight Loss Centers of NY and the Host of the WOR radio Program The Heart Show.

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Dr. V's Diabetic, Weight & Heart Blog

by Frederic J. Vagnini, M.D., Diabetic, Heart and Weight Specialist
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levels can lead to not only diabetes, but also eye disease, blindness, kidney disease, nerve disease, or death.

Glycation: Sometimes called non-enzymatic glycosylation, it is something that accelerates heart disease, cellular damage and aging, and it is simply a problem with glucose that adheres to proteins lipids and DNA to create something called “Advanced Glycation End Product" (AGE).

Telomere shortening: Telomeres are the tips of chromosomes and when they shorten you have progressive aging. What happens to accelerate this aging process is inflammation and oxidative stress.

Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is a bone disease that leads to an increased risk of fracture. It is another silent killer simply because you don’t feel your bones weakening until you’ve lost four inches of height.

What can we do to prevent these silent killers from leading us into cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and accelerated aging? Well, I developed a protocol in my Centers based on the following:

Diet: a modified, low-carbohydrate Mediterranean diet.

Exercise: Any exercise is good; cross training is the best, which is when you do a combination of resistance training with aerobics.

Stress reduction: Stress reduction is critical. It’s one of the leading factors that influence degenerative diseases and especially cardiovascular disease.

Supplements: The right supplements can combat high triglycerides, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, oxidative damage, high blood sugar, arthritis, weight reduction, diabetes, fatigue, and basically all of the degenerative and cardiovascular problems.

Pharmaceuticals: Medical drugs are prescribed when necessary.

For more information or to make an appointment, visit Dr. Vagnini's website!

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