Melissa Wall is a Womens Ab Expert and founder of WomensAbWorkout.com. With over seven years of training and nutrition experience she has helped guide hundreds of women through the transformation process - taking themselves from flabby to sexy. Melissa's own weight loss journey has made her determined to help motivate other women to be successful and reach their goals both in and out of the gym.

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Flat Stomach Workout + Diet Blog

by Melissa Wall, Womens Ab Expert, Founder WomensAbWorkout.com
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If your goal is to lose fat...then you need to make sure your diet has fat in it. Confused? Completely understandable.

Fats can be a confusing topic but once you learn why you need them and what type of fats you do need, the confusion will be gone.

Women, specifically, need fat in their diets for a number of reasons: to help you lose weight, to help build muscle, and to help your body function on a daily basis.

Fats (of the right type) help your body daily by helping your body absorb the nutrients and essential vitamins it needs to function. Eliminating fats from your diet completely prevents your body from getting all the nutrients it needs to function properly. In order for your body to perform at its best you need to make sure your diet includes the right type of fat (more of that in a minute).
Healthy Fats

Women also need to have fat in their diets to help with the production of muscle. Fats help to trigger the production of muscle growth in the body, which in turn helps lead to weight loss (more muscle = less fat on the body). Having the right type of fat in your body will help you build more muscle, therefore reaching your flat stomach goals sooner than later.

Healthy fats will also help you lose weight - that sounds like an oxymoron but its true. Healthy fats actually help to keep you feeling full for longer periods of time as they take longer for the body to break down. If you feel full, you won't eat as much therefore you will be able to lose more. The other benefit here - feeling full means you eat less, while giving your body the RIGHT type of nutrients it needs to power it all day long.

Now what type of fats should you eat? Yes, there are such thing as 'healthy fats' - more commonly known as UNsaturated fats - mono or poly unsaturated fats. These type of fats include everything from olive oil, almonds, to omega-3s and fish oil. This type of fat help to stabilize your blood sugar and keep inflammation down, as well as doing all the great things for your body as mentioned above. These fats are considered 'healthy' fats because for the most part they have not been genetically altered in any way (as their unhealthy counter part saturated fats have).

So, when trying to lose weight make sure you have some type of fat in your diet -- the good kind -- to help your body function at its best while getting you the flat stomach of your dreams.

@ 4:38pm ET on February 18, 2013
I had read about Olive oil before. Thanks for the ideas.

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