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being a foodie and being a health nut sometimes conflict with one another. last year i went to venice and rome and i am always compelled to try all of the local specialties yet i shudder at the thought of coming home to tight jeans. on past trips, i've stuck to my health regime by ordering the antipasto, filling up on vegetables (my favorite) and having the occasional gelato or pasta which left me feeling that i hadn't really fully indulged in italian cuisine.

since it is important for me to learn and to teach others how to manage in every situation, on this trip i got the system down and you will be happy to know that i ate everything italy had to offer from fried zucchini flowers to pasta carbonara to pizza, gelato and limoncello. my new take on european eating is that the french aren't thin because they eat fewer carbs than we do but that most europeans are thin while exercising less because of portion control. we are a society of gluttony. although our variety is ten times the italians and fat free versions of everything are everywhere, we eat more than we need.

every morning in italy, i ordered a full fat latte but it was small, delicious and satisfying. instead of having a lowfat muffin or healthy cereal, i sometimes indulged in a small pastry (although most days i had a variety of gorgeous fruits). that is another thing that is important: the european produce is smaller but so flavorful and satisfying that we need less of it. their foods are local and seasonal. when we go to the supermarket and buy massive pieces ...    Continue

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@ 1:28pm ET on April 13, 2007 I love the three bite rule. I used it on a cruise. I tried a little of everything! But I held to the three bite rule. If it is great, really great have just three bites, it doesn't deserve more. If it is just good, have one bite it isn't worthy of three!
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