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The College Skinny plan

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Hey everyone! Today's my 4th day of my little plan and so far I've stayed commited to working out everyday, and I actually just came back from doing a hour of cardio at the gym! I've loss one pound so far, so I just have to loss 4 more to reach my first mini goal which is 170! I'm hoping I can stay on track with working out because even though they do make me tired I feel a little better about myself because I know I'm slowly improving. It also helps that my mom does support me and always reminds me that it is going take a some time to see major improvements. I once read that it's about 3 weeks for yourself to see improvement and 4 to 5 weeks for your friends and family to see the changes, which is something good to keep in mind. As far as it goes with what I'm eating, I've been staying away from fast food, junk food, and all that high starched food. However even though I've been staying away from the bad foods, I think I've been eating a little to much but to double check that I'm gonna start writing down everything that I eat and how many calories the food has. Thanks for reading everyone, I'll keep you guys posted on my progress. (:

@ 2:00pm ET on July 20, 2012 Writing def does help. Congrats on staying away from the bad food. That's a tough one!
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