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For the past couple of months I have been asked if I was pregnant again? Or how many months pregnant? I have a 22 month old girl and a 9 month baby girl. I am still wearing maternity jeans because i dont fit in a size 14. Everytime I go to the mall to buy new jeans, I always get depressed. Because I don't find jeans that will embrace my new body figure. Like always I end up at Motherhood, once again buying maternity jeans. Now it's time to get serious and lose weight. I currently weight 220. Today is my first day of my new journey. I hope I can continue on the right path.

@ 4:43pm ET on August 30, 2012 I am right behind ya. You can do it. Even just sit ups and cutting out sugar are getting you in the right direction. goodluck.
@ 5:48pm ET on August 30, 2012 Thank you elise!
@ 11:45am ET on August 31, 2012 Good luck Krystal!! Find your motivation - whether it's to look your best or feel your best so you can play with your kids. Elise is right - get started by identifying a couple bad habits that you can begin to tackle. Knocking them off one by one will be much easier than trying to overhaul your entire lifestyle all at once!

Check out our Fitness Videos for tons of exercises you can do right at home - many with little or no equipment.

Good luck!!
@ 11:56am ET on September 1, 2012 Thank for taking your time to write me. Also thanks for giving me the motivation. I am ready and willing to change my eating habits. I am already excited to start my journey.
@ 2:56pm ET on September 4, 2012 oh, im at the same point in my life. im also still wearing my maternity pants, and i hate shopping for anything new right now :( im trying to start my weight loss journey as well.

good luck to you! :)
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