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Hi Everyone! I am posting a quick blog before I call it a night. My life in a nutshell:

I love being a Nurse! I love my job! Days like today which are crazy busy make me exhausted. But it is so worth it.

-I've had a total of 2 car accidents and 1 case of vandalism to my car this winter. I was fine in the 2 accidents! Car was not but it's all fixed now! And my insurance covered the the $977.04 damage done to my new car just a few weeks ago. (Some dummy (insert bad word) kicked off my side mirror in a parking lot and threw the mirror into the woods accross from the lot. Some people are SO mean :'(

I am now leasing my own HUGE space for my fitness classes! I have 24-7 access and am holding classes whenever I am not working! I am teaching Zumba (of course) and starting Hip Hop this month. I am also going for my Masala Bhangra Certification this month. April is SO busy for me. I've got my own little business going for me! =)

My diet has been great. I have come to conclusion that I am in love with healthy foods. I cannot go out to dinner and not order healthy. I love fish! So if a restaurant has grilled salmon on the menu I will most likely order that. (OBSESSED). Don't get me wrong once in a while I get dessert! But I work hard all week to be able to endulge in that dessert. I hardly EVER get fried food while out to eat. I'm talking less than a handful of times in the past 2 years. And if I do..it's splitting wings with a friend or something. Not the whole meal.

Here are some pics I am sharing with you all:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
^ My new fitness place! My stage that my dad and I built together!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
^At my friend's Zumba class! I love being a participant!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
^After teaching my own class one night! With my bff :)

Happy Spring Everyone :) Have a great rest of your week! Stay HEALTHY AND ACTIVE!!

@ 8:30am ET on March 28, 2012
Great stage! wish you were here in Florida I would definitely go to your classes. I once heard a quote, "do what you love, the money will come later". The reason I wrote that is because so many are obsessed with just making money. You are passionate about the classes, health and nursing, you had a vision and you made it work. I'm very very happy for you. I'm glad you're ok from the car accidents, how scary. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics. =^.^=

@ 10:42am ET on March 28, 2012
Awesome space!!! Congratulations! And it's great to hear that your diet is going well! Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your pictures!

@ 3:23pm ET on April 3, 2012
YAY!!! I am so excited for you!!! You are looking SO TINY!!!! I still remember 2 years ago when you first got started, and the picture you shared with us all! You were always beautiful, but you look so healthy! You are a huge inspiration to me :) Where are you located actually, maybe one day I will take a vacation and come to a class...hehehe! Seeing how much you have accomplished in these past 2 years is so inspiring, it makes me really want to get out of such a small town and go dream big!!!

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