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Carlotta's Scales of Justice

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Lord! It's been a bad week.
Finals started last Friday; that was also the day I became a temporary employee at the job I worked for the last 12 years.
I've been working 10-14 hours a day since and on a steady diet of coffee, candy, and fast food. I haven't seen the gym. I haven't seen the scale. And I've barely seen my family.
I'm so tired.

Tomorrow I'm getting on the scale, going to the gym, and doing a weeks worth of studying...tomorrow.
Tonight, I'm going to watch part of a cheesy sci-fi movie, drink a glass of milk, and look up random crap on the internet until my brain settles.

@ 11:04am ET on May 7, 2012 Sorry to hear it's been a bad week! It's hard to feel your best when things are so hectic. Maybe you can pack some healthy snacks with you for your long workdays, to make sure that you're maintaining a bit of control over your diet.

We're just starting Week 6 of our 8-week Spring Fitness Challenge - check out this week's workout in my latest blog!
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