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Well, I did the workout 3 times with 10/12 lb weights. It was doable, and I was quite sweaty afterwards.

I didn't weight myself today, though. I gave up cheese for Lent, and I seriously went off the wagon today when the moratorium on my favorite food lifted.

I have to do thing in stages. Those people who can make several radical changes at one time, I'm very impressed with their discipline. I won't say that exercise is a habit quite yet, but I've been pretty consistent with 3-5 times a week for the last couple of months. I need to clean up my diet now which means VEGGIES and actually measuring my food.

I've also started listening to audiobooks about nutrition to motivate me. In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan is my first selection. I'm two discs into it, and he's kinda' scaring me. But I should listen to the whole book before passing judgement.

Tummy: 49" EEK!
(It is ridiculously hard to measure body parts by yourself. The stupid tape measure was sliding over the place, but I think I got an accurate number. I picked my mid-drift bulge instead of an arm or a thigh, because I can measure in the same spot without having to guess.)

@ 3:58pm ET on April 10, 2012
Hey Carlotta - great work on finishing the Week 1 workout 3 times!! 10/12 lb weights too - that's wonderful! I bet you're feeling super strong :) I always feel strong and confident after my workouts - I almost always flex my biceps and insist that my boyfriend "feel my muscles" after I get home from the gym, hehe.

Good for you for taking measurements - a lot of times people focus too much on the number on the scale without noticing the other ways that their body is showing progress :)

Keep up the great work!

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