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Today I am spotlighting my absolute FAVORITE herb in the entire world - cilantro! I literally swoon for cilantro, and love finding ways to incorporate the fragrant and zesty herb into my meals.


With so many healthy recipes in our Diet.com Recipes section, it's easy-peasy to find a TON of "cilantro'ed" dishes, and I'm pleased to share a few of them with you here in my blog. I hope it helps inspire you to try some new tasty dishes!

guacamoleReally Green Guacamole: Combining avocado with green peas adds bulk and a creamy texture but does not sacrifice flavor. The end result is a lower fat guacamole dip with robust taste, thanks in part to the 1/2 cup of cilantro in the recipe!

almond chicken saladAlmond Chicken Salad: This chicken salad takes the prize! With almonds, asparagus, red bell pepper and tons of spices (including a whole 1/4 cup of cilantro!!) it is too fabulous. Try serving it over mixed greens with whole wheat crackers.

lime shrimp kebobs

Lime Shrimp Kebobs: This delicious recipe is great for a spring or summer barbeque. The lime and cilantro are refreshing and bursting with flavor!

asian veggie wrapsAsian Veggie Wraps: Crunchy veggies all wrapped up in delicate rice paper with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce, make a fantastic appetizer or side dish. This dish also calls for a nice hefty 1/4 cup of cilantro, and these wraps are so fun to make yourself.

vegetarian tostadaVegetarian Tostada: Tostadas are the ultimate easy meal when you need something tasty in a hurry, and you know they wouldn't be complete without cilantro. Try this different spin on the traditional tostada.

Check out this blog from our Registered Dietitian for another cilantro-inspired recipe - a Cilantro Coleslaw: Memorial Day on a Diet

What's your favorite summery herb? Do you love cilantro as much as I do?! Share your favs in the comments below!

@ 12:46pm ET on August 10, 2012
Oh No!!! I'm so allergic to cilantro/coriander.

I would like to try all these recipes without cilantro. Thanks.

Rosemary....nuff said. =^.^=

@ 1:39pm ET on August 10, 2012
The guacamole looks sooooo dee-lish. I like the green peas trick! I need to make this asap!

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